It is in our hands

Biodiversity – the variety of life forms – and is the beauty of the earth. Conservation of biological diversity is the most important challenge that mankind faces at this present time. Back in 1992, during the Earth Summit ‘The world in our hands’ in Rio de Janeiro, 105 countries agreed that biodiversity on earth deserved protection.
This was enshrined in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and further developed in 2010 in the Nagoya Protocol. But despite all the good intentions, the CBD has become a fiasco.

Back in 2002, I proposed an alternative plan. However, the leaflets I distributed at the CBD summit in April 2002 in The Hague made no impression whatsoever. That was to be expected; you would have to be very arrogant to think that you can determine the direction at such a convention with a few leaflets.

Thirteen years later, I am even more convinced that the Nagoya Protocol works against everything that it should work for. I have now developed my plan further in this book under the name DABB (Donatie, Arbeid en Bescherming Biodiversiteit = Donation, Labour and Biodiversity Protection).
A judgment on this is impossible without the broad perspective in which it is placed. I would therefore recommend that you read the entire book in order to make an assessment. Paramount is that there must be greater focus on a working alternative.

Nic van der Knaap


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